Within the WME video portal you can browse, search, and create links to share content. You may have received links from previously, but did not have full access to generate links. If there is conent you do not have access to from previous links, please contact the video department.


If you are not sure what keywords to search, you can browse the WME portal library.
To browse the portal, simply click the Search button.


Before creating a link, you can search for the content available.
The homepage's search bar allows you to search the library.
For example, to search for a specific talent, simply type in their name.
This will bring up everything containing the text within the title and metadata.

For Example: By Searching "JOHN" talent names and titles containing "JOHN" will appear I.E. talent John Krasinski and movie title "John Wick"

Filter and Sort

Use the Filter & Sort option on the left-hand side to narrow down your search results by additional criteria. For example, you can narrow down Self Tapes, Reels, and clips. Filter and Sort can be used when browsing or to further narrow down your search results.

The Expiry & Link Sharing Options

To copy the link address, click on the clipboard icon